Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hendrick has better odds with appeal to NASCAR’s chief appellate officer

Per, Rick Hendrick will see Middlebrook, a former General Motors executive for nearly a half-century, when his No. 48 team appeals its Daytona 500 penalties to Middlebrook in a hearing most likely to be held next week.

While Middlebrook has never rescinded an entire penalty, all three appeals he has heard have resulted in reduced penalties.

“I’ve known John for probably 20 years,” Hendrick said in 2010 when Middlebrook was named to his current post. “When he was with General Motors, I worked with him on the dealership side and the racing side, and I’ve always found him to be a very fair guy.

“I don’t think NASCAR could’ve gotten anyone who’s more straight forward and level headed.”

Although he didn’t talk about Middlebrook after his initial appeal on Tuesday, Hendrick has in the past emphasized his deep respect for him and indicated that Middlebrook would not take into consideration past friendships when making a ruling.