Monday, March 05, 2012

Ryan Newman Foundation Helps Reunite Soldier with Dog from Afghanistan

(Statesville, NC. – (March 5, 2012) - The Ryan Newman Foundation is helping fly a dog home to be with his  Soldier owner who lives 3,000 miles away.  The assistance was prompted by an email regarding a dog saved by US soldiers in Afghanistan and the request for help with his transport home. The Ryan Newman Foundation immediately agreed to assist other animal groups and get the lonely boy from New York to his owner in Washington State.

Trigger, a 70 pound stray saved by US soldiers in Afghanistan, began his new life as an all-American dog in February after arriving at JFK Airport. Trigger’s new leash on life came courtesy of Guardians of Rescue, the group which provided the funds to bring him from Kabul to their rescue based in Port Jefferson, Long Island in New York.

The story begins while two soldiers were on deployment and rescued two dogs, Savannah and Trigger, from the streets and brought them back to camp where they were provided food, water, shelter and love. Five months after finding the pups, when the troops were out on patrol, local Taliban militia slaughtered Savannah and hung her from a rope.  This was a warning to the Americans that they would be next.

Trigger was inconsolable and so were the men just days from the end of their deployment.  He survived but was in danger since the soldiers’ unit was being sent back to the U.S.  The soldiers were devastated to leave Trigger behind.  Every day he heard mortars go off, had to deal with windstorms and sandstorms and endure the drastic changes in climate.

Many back home stepped up and were able to get Trigger to a safe house in Kabul where he stayed for 30 days before he was flown to New York.  The group was determined to save Trigger and with the help of Nowzad, an organization focused on rescuing stray and abandoned animals from Afghanistan and Hammer Out Animal Cruelty, Trigger has made it to the states.

Upon arrival, Trigger needed to spend time in animal rehabilitation where he was house-trained, learned to walk with a leash and how to sit and stay.  He is said to be doing great adapting to life in the United States.  He’s a playful pup, super friendly, busy making friends, and getting used to a leash and sidewalks.

Trigger’s final homecoming is scheduled for March 9th.  He will fly on a commercial jet, sitting in the cabin’s first class section waiting to see his dad again.

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