Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kentucky Speedway Is Confident Traffic Issues Are Solved

Per, If there's a lasting image from last year's inaugural Sprint Cup Series race at Kentucky Speedway, it doesn't involve the streams of headlights inching toward the race track long after the event had started.

With the cooperation of Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and the state legislature, Highway 35 has been widened to seven lanes, an extra lane has been added to the primary off-ramp from Interstate 75, and a 42-foot-wide tunnel has been built under Highway 35 to bring fans from the new parking areas to the speedway without snarling traffic with pedestrian crossings.

The improvements, tested extensively with computer simulations, prompts speedway general manager Mark Simendinger to say, "I am as confident as you can possibly be, short of having it already over," that the traffic issues that plagued the race last year have been solved.

Roughly 15,000 fans whose tickets were not scanned last year took advantage of a ticket exchange for this year's race. Ostensibly, those fans never arrived at the track, but it's hard to place an exact number on those who didn't make it, given that the speedway stopped scanning tickets after the race started to facilitate getting fans into the stands.

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