Friday, June 08, 2012

Truex's Crew Chief to Miss Pocono Race

Per SportingNews, Chad Johnston planned to fly to the track Thursday night, having missed the two-day test session at Pocono to be with his wife, who is expecting to give birth to a baby boy in the next few days.

She is due Saturday, and Johnston plans to fly back home to North Carolina after qualifying Saturday. Michael Waltrip Racing competition director Scott Miller will call the race Sunday.

Those plans, Johnston said Thursday morning, are all tentative as he tries to do the right thing for both work and home.

“Family comes first, but your race team is a pretty important part,” Johnston said. “You don’t want to sacrifice the finish or the performance on something that is personal.

“It’s a hard choice to make. … It kind of doesn’t make sense to go but then again you feel like you should because if something happens and you don’t go, I (could) be home again next week and it would be two weeks in a row. It just seems odd not going.”