Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Track Scan Vendor Trailers Not Allowed at ISC Tracks

We unfortunately must inform you, our loyal customers and friends, that Track Scan has been notified that we will not be granted access to support you at the International Speedway Corporation facilities during the 2013 Season.

Americrown Service Corporation, with the approval of International Speedway Corporation (ISC), has notified us of their decision to enter into an exclusive agreement with another scanner vendor. While they have enjoyed a successful working relationship with Track Scan, Americrown considered factors unique to their business and strategy, and believe this exclusive agreement to be in their best interests.

As a result of the Americrown/ISC decision, Track Scan will not be allowed to place our trackside vendor trailers at any of the ISC facilities and Track Scan's proprietary airwave programming equipment will not be transmitting frequency updates.

/// Track Scan PR