Thursday, February 28, 2013

NASCAR to Meet with Teams to Evaluate "Gen 6" Cars

NASCAR plans to meet with Sprint Cup teams to discuss whether tweaks are needed to the new "Gen 6" car before the next restrictor plate race.

"We'll do one-on-ones on that and see what they think," said Robin Pemberton, NASCAR's vice president for competition, on Tuesday. "A lot of people have opinions. The racing was as old school as it gets. If there's some things we're encouraged to look at, we will.

"Once you get a race under your belt, even as a competitor, you would work on things once you got a race of that length under your belt."

Pemberton said the main issue appeared to be the lack of movement on the inside lane. Many fans complained the race was boring due to the lack of passing.

"Some of the stuff we were told is they could run 10 to 20 laps on the bottom, and then it went away on them," Pemberton said. "It was in short spurts. We know that's something they need."

For about 75 percent of the race, the cars ran in single file on the top lane. Many drivers were frustrated about the inability to move forward when they moved to the bottom line, and that fellow competitors weren't willing to go to the bottom line with them. (ESPN)