Thursday, April 18, 2013

Proposed Victory Junction Midwest Camp Plans on Hold

Former NASCAR driver Kyle Petty, who along with his wife, Pattie, founded the original camp in North Carolina, said the economy has not rebounded sufficiently to pursue donations to build and operate a second camp, which is free of charge for children and their families.

“We decided at our last board meeting in North Carolina to suspend the operations in Kansas City,” Petty said. “We have just beat our head against the wall with the economy right now.

“We don’t see in the near future we’re going to be able to raise $30, $40, $50 million, whatever it costs. Obviously, the price keeps going up on it. We’re going to step back. We have not abandoned the idea by any stretch, but instead of just keep dragging it on, we’re going to suspend, regroup and focus on when will be the right time and look at it again.”

The project has had its fits and starts since the Pettys announced plans in 2007 to build a $35 million camp in the Kansas City area. (KC Star)

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